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Before you bare all, bear with us for some helpful tips.

There are very few things we do without extensive research. Getting an oil change for the car requires calling friends and vetting sources. Doctors, restaurants, doggie daycares have been extensively looked into and verified. And when we think about getting a Brazilian wax, we would never, ever do it on a whim.

A Brazilian, if you aren’t familiar, is when you wax your precious private area completely bare. Done right, it can be fairly painless, all things considered. However, if it’s done wrong, it can become a disaster zone. Here are a few tips to ensure down there gets the best care.

Waxing 101

Waxing is a longer-lasting alternative to shaving for those looking for a hair removal option. The process involves the use of strip wax and hard wax to pull and remove hair from the root. Whether you choose Brazilian waxing, body waxing, eyebrow waxing, or upper-lip waxing, you can expect results to last from two to eight weeks.

Where shaving removes just the surface of the hair, leaving the follicle, waxing removes the hair from the root. It leaves skin more smooth and hairless much longer. Over time, hair grows back lighter and finer, making the process less painful. Waxing can be used to remove facial hair, back hair, bikini area and larger sections like leg hair removal.

Don’t Just Trust the Salon, Trust the Waxer

Just because a salon or spa is highly rated, it doesn’t mean that their waxing services are up to the same quality. Waxing could be an afterthought–or they may not have the most talented waxers. So look for a location that specializes in waxing and has great reviews. A little research will save you weeks of painful bruising and rashes. Yuck!

Also, if you have signed up for the procedure and something doesn’t seem right, listen to your gut and speak up. A Brazilian deals with some very sensitive areas so you don’t want to subject it to pain just because you didn’t want to be “difficult.”

Check Out the Room

A clean and sanitary spa or salon is crucial for a great Brazilian wax. If the room is dirty, then you are not going to get quality service. Keep an eye out for some warning signs. If there is any wax on the floors or walls or if the waxing stick is already in the can of wax, speak up or leave. A waxer should NEVER double dip their wax stick, meaning they apply the wax once and then dip the same stick back in the wax for more. If you see this, get out of there.

Prepare Your Hair

There are a few things you can do to ensure a painless and high-quality Brazilian. Avoid getting a Brazilian four days before, after or during menstruation. And take a pain reliever like aspirin and apply pain-relieving cream a half hour before your wax.

During your wax, your licensed esthetician is largely in control of how painful the procedure will be. A good quality waxer will usually offer towels to cover up parts that aren’t exposed and wear gloves. She will also work on small zones rather than doing too large an area at once. This will help with any pain.

After the Brazilian, apply healing lotions and razor burn cream to your skin for two days afterwards to soothe the skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Also stay out of the sun for two days after the Brazilian, as your newly exposed skin will be very sensitive to UV rays. (As you can imagine.)

Other Options

There are other methods to remove unwanted hair, including shaving (look out for razor burn), hair removal creams (risk of infection) and laser hair removal (permanent and more expensive). Threading works best on eyebrows and facial hair.

Waxing is the most common method to get a Brazilian – find locations near you here. Whether you are going full bush or Brazilian, be aware of whom you let tend your hair – you’ll be glad you did.

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